Lisbon Green Hackathon is an all night long marathon in which teams of up to four participants must come up with, develop, program and build a prototype for something that will hopefully make the world a better place.

Our Hackathon is a part of an international initiative ( that defies students and teachers, schools and universities to promote the use of cutting-edge technology to shape tomorrow into something more sustainable. Green Hackathons have happened all over the world since the beginning of this initiative. Cities like London, stockholm, Lisbon, Tokyo, Fukushima and Zurich have all joined the movement and there’s no signs of it stopping since there are more upcoming events already scheduled.

In Lisbon the hackathon is organized by Oficina das Energias, a student group from the university of Lisbon, who are studying Environmental engineering. This is our second hackathon, with the first one being launched in early 2016.

This year we are at it again, with a bigger hackathon with bigger prizes for the three winning teams.

There will be three winning projects:

The Best Business Idea Hack award, which will be granted to the team whose idea is the most profitable and competitive for the current economic market.

The Best Environmental Hack will award the team whose idea has better potential to impact the world to make it more friendly to the environment.

Last but not least, the Best Green Hack award, given to the team that has the best of both worlds, business and environmental, to make our world better.






Saturday, 11th March and Sunday, 12th March


Floor 1 C1 of the Science Faculty of the Lisbon University, Rua Ernesto de Vasconcelos, 1749-016 Lisbon, Portugal


Registration will be open for 1 month, ending 3 weeks before the event, with a fee of 5€/ element that can be paid by bank transfer or cash at FCUL.

We are looking for teams with 4 elements, with or without an idea. There will be time to discuss ideas.

The limit will be 60 participants organized in 15 teams, with 4 elements each.


The program will consist in several sessions of hacking and coffee break. There will be a networking session where participants can present any ideas or any questions.


Day Hours Ativity
Saturday 10:30 Arrival and registration of participants
11:00 Networking and coffee break
11:30 Fast Talks
12:00 Brainstorming
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Hacking
20:30 Dinner

All night long

Sunday 08:40 Breakfast
09:00 Hacking
11:30 END of Hacking
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Presentations
15:45 Prize delivery and closing session


During hacking periods participants can leave the building and return as they wish, staying overnight or going home to sleep. There will also be rest and food areas with snacks and drinks available throughout these periods. The staff will provide support and advice according to your skills and areas. Lunch and dinner will be guaranteed by the organization.


We are looking for ideas! During the Fast-Talks is intended to bring enthusiasts in order to, in fast and inspiring speeches, wake up your inventor and creative side. In addition, a group of activities for brainstorming ideas will be enhanced. The organization will help, by launching themes and examples, before the event through social networks, however you have to remember: it depends on the imagination of the participants!


The goal is to develop the concept of the idea in as much detail as possible, and also to develop a prototype using the available materials

  • Material:  will include only one Arduino and access to some electronic material common to all teams.
  • The 3D printer: there will be access managed by a staff member
  • Technology kits: provided by companies through partnerships, there will be limited kits that will be released and may be requested during the event

The main task, however, is on the side of the participant, who must bring the material that he considers to be useful and worthwhile to acquire in the context and in the course of the event.

In the end each team should also prepare a short presentation about their idea and prototype for the judges, participants and audience.

The team is completed free to manage its time. However at 12:30 the team should be present for the presentations.


The Jury will be formed by elements from the area, outside the organization, who will give feedback on the projects and evaluate them in the following metrics:

  • Environmental impact: evaluation of the benefit and influence of the hack in the environment
  • Innovation: evaluation of the extent to which the idea is new and presents a good approach to the problem it intends to solve.
  • Technical Maturity: evaluates the extent to which the idea was developed and shows work from the technical point of view

Business Idea: evaluates the business value underlying the idea in terms of business models that make it sustainable and financially viable

The prizes, to be released before the event, will then be distributed by the organization:

  • Best Green Hack: sums up the best overall score
  • Biggest Environmental Impact Hack: best score in the metric “Environmental Impact”
  • Best Business Idea: best score in the metric “Business Idea”



25 Jan: Beginning of the teams registrations

13-18 Feb: Stand in universities to advertise the event

15 Feb: Gathering for teams formation

18 Feb: End of the teams registration períod

11 Mar: Beginning of the Lisbon Green Hackathon

12 Mar: Presentations and closing session of Lisbon Green Hackathon




Ana Creto
André Borges
Bernardo Tavares
Carole Guerreiro
Carolina Menor
Catarina Augusto
Filipa Ramires
Francisco Mendonça
Francisco Mendonça
Inês Costa
Inês Costa
Liliana Matos
Liliana Matos
Luis Martins
Liliana Matos
Margarida Tavares
Miguel Caixeiro
Vasco Coração



Speak with us!


As any event of these kind will provide, you can bet that all members of our team will be available for any doubts, questions or needs you may have regarding the event.

We hope you’ll find a suitable social and work environment amongst us, that assists you to produce and create projects and ideas in your sharpest focus!

In any case, don’t hesitate to contact us by any means you can.


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