My team does not have any ideas. Should we sign up?

There will be workshops previous to the event and a brainstorming session during the event, so do not worry there will be time to work on ideas. Besides that, there will be invited guests from innovating and interesting areas to our Fast talks, to help you think outside the box.

We never participate in an event like this so we lake from some of the hacking techniques. Should we go?  

Of course! There will be time for you to learn and work on your hard skills, before the event, there will be workshops for you to know how to use some of the hacks technics. There is also the option of ‘Googling’ is one of the hacking methods, ‘If I don’t know how to do it  I’m gonna look for it’.

Who can participate in this event ?

All the university students can participate in teams of 4 elements. You just need to be a motivated person and ready to put your head working on some really good ideas for a sustainable future. Come with what you have and more ideas will be worked on the event.

Is it free?

Mainly yes! You just have to pay 5€ of fee for each element when you sign up for the event, after you are selected, in order to confirm your presence in the event

And what about food?

There will be an area for coffee breaks during the entire event and the organization will give the dinner and lunches of the event. Although we really recommend you to bring your own comfort food, after all it will be 24h.

And the sleeping part?

There will be a sleeping zone called ‘ Dreaming land room’  in case you feel like taking a nap or just close your eyes for a bit. However, you should come really rested and fresh because it will be 24h that pass too fast and we want you to enjoy every moment of it. In case you prefer you can go home and sleep in your bed and come whenever you want, you just have to respect the schedule of the event.

Is it required to bring material ?

It is expected that you bring material, that your team thinks that is necessary for the implementation of your idea. Even broken or unused objects from the daily life can be interesting to use after some brainstorming sessions, so just bring them and we will see what you can do with it. The Organisation will have some material for you to use in case you really need it. Although don’t just fix your mind in regular material bring whatever you have.

If you have any other questions, just contact us by facebook or by email through lisbon@greenhackathon.com