Sometimes participants attending the hackathon have the feeling they don’t have enough skills. That shouldn’t really be a problem because hackathons are also a place of learning. The organization and even maybe other teams will try to help in what they can. And there’s a lot of open source stuff in the web!

Either way, learning new skills is always a good idea. So the Oficina das Energias have prepared an series of workshops to provide the participants of some bases for the hackathon. You can register in the following link:

This workshops have the cost of 3€ each – or you can make yourself a member by 8€ and gain access to all the workshops. If the workshop is full you can register in the waiting list. If your team is selected for the Lisbon Green Hackathon, we have some extra places reserved for you.

There will be also the “Green Day” with some interesting talks and partner’s workshops. The registrations for this one will happen latter.